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Friday, 25 Jun 2021
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school_lessonThe schools in the town of Schönebeck (Elbe) offer children and teenagers many ways of achieving their individual goals.

From children just setting out on the educational ladder to young adults entering the world of work, families often have to make  important decisions. 

In accordance with Section 1 of the Schools Act of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, the role of schools is determined by the  Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Constitution of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.
In particular, every young person, regardless of his or her origins or financial circumstances has the right to education and training that is suited to his or her talents, abilities and inclinations. 
That includes preparation for the assumption of responsibilities, rights and duties in the state and society.

Primary schools (Years 1-4)

Even primary school children can select from among the state schools provided by the local authority and a number of independently run alternative schools.

Secondary education: Secondary general school or grammar school?

Towards the end of primary education, in the middle of the 4th year of school, the points are set with regard to each child?s further educational pathway: either they go to the Secondary general school (where they can achieve the secondary general school certificate or intermediate school-leaving certificate as school-leaving qualifications) or they attend the Gymnasium (leading to the university-entrance qualification, the Abitur).

"Regional network for success with school in the district Salzlandkreis"
For further information on offers for success with school click our page in German here

Additional offer of reaching a school-leaving certificate:
"Productive learning at school and company"
http://www.sks-gorki-schoenebeck.bildung-lsa.de/ (external link)

Special needs schools

Children with various types of special educational needs can be brought together at schools known as special needs schools if it is expected that they will obtain greater educational benefit from this.

Vocational training or higher education?

Young people need to have a clear idea of how they wish to shape their future some time before finishing school. The priority is then on choosing an occupation, attaining the necessary qualifications and then applying for a place on the corresponding training or higher educational courses.

For further information on career prospects at the German armed forces:
(external link)

Further educational opportunities outside schools

There is a Kreisvolkshochschule (adult education centre) and a Kreismusikschule (music school) with specialist educational provision.