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Sunday, 20 Sep 2020
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Animal Park


Animal_park_Bierer_BergThe animal park "Heimattiergarten Bierer Berg" has been in existence since 1973.
It is located in a park which was laid out on a hill around 100 years ago.
In addition to the animal enclosures, the park, which is 2.4 hectares in area, contains a Bismarck tower, a Bismarck monument, an adventure playground for children, a restaurant and an open-air stage with a seating capacity of 700.

The telephone number of the restaurant "Restaurant Bismarckhöhe" is (03928) 84 71 82.
For more information on the restaurant:
www.bierer-berg.com (external link) 

Heimattiergarten ?Bierer Berg" 
Bierer Berg 
39218 Schönebeck (Elbe) 
Tel.: (03928) 8 11 29
email: bierer-berg@schoenebeck.de

Opening hours: 
9 a.m. - 7 p.m. (1 May to 30 September) 
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (1 October to 30 April)
9 a.m. - 2 p.m. (24 December and 31 December)
Every year either in June/July or in July/August the Operettensommer festival takes place here.
At the end of August it is the scene of another major festival, the Bierer-Berg-Fest; for information about this please call (03928) 710 561.

tier10-11_005The animal park itself holds 260 animals representing 52 different species.
The focal point is the domestic animals section which houses donkeys, pot bellied pigs, Rhoen sheep, dwarf goats, knob geese, pigeons and chickens.
Around the park are various aviaries for native bird and mammal species such as hoopoes, turtle doves, pygmy mice and field hamsters, pine martens and wildcats.

Another important of group of animals consists of the small mammals.
These include species such as chipmunks, squirrels, gerbils, octodontids and chinchillas.

For breeders with an interest in zoology, the various guinea pig or cavy species are significant.
Four species are kept here, including the greater guinea pig (cavia magna) and the moco or rock cavy (kerodon rupestris).

TP_Montessori_SchuleAnimal lovers are invited to ?adopt? an animal (so called Tierpatenschaften `animal adoptions´).
This also applies to companies which would like to sponsor an animal or an animal enclosure.
For information please call (03928) 710 561.

The application form can be downloaded here: application for an animal adoption (pdf, 1,05 MB)

For an overview of existing animal sponsorships click the enclosure of the German page "Heimattiergarten Bierer Berg" >>


How to get there

The animal park "Heimattiergarten Bierer Berg" is situated outside the town between Schönebeck and the village of Biere. 
By car
A14 - Schönebeck exit ? towards Schönebeck 246 a ? follow signs towards ?Kurzentrum?, turn left at the traffic lights at the cross-junction ? heading towards Bad Salzelmen, you will reach the Bierer Berg after about 600 m.

Parking facilities: The car park is next to the main entrance.

By train:
Magdeburg, S-Bahn as far as Schönebeck/Bad Salzelmen ? from the station a walking route leads from the brine evaporation works through the little fir wood via Kastanienallee straight to the Bierer Berg

By train and bus:
Magdeburg, S-Bahn as far as Schönebeck (Elbe), then by bus towards Biere, bus-stop Bierer Berg

Other information 
Visitors with disabilities:
The park itself, as well as the stage, the toilets and the restaurant are all accessible for disabled people and wheelchair users.
Nevertheless the park is a hill and it is hard work walking the paths from time to time.

Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a leash.

Do not feed the animals:
Feeding the animals is prohibited without exception!

If you have any questions and/or remarks with regard to our animal park you can send them by email to: