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Thursday, 29 Jul 2021
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Leisure & Tourism

What is there to discover in Schönebeck (Elbe)?

brochure_elbaueSchönebeck, the salt town on the blue ribbon of the Elbe, was first mentioned in a document in 1223 as "sconebeke"- ?place on the little stream?.

Throughout the centuries, salt has determined the history of the town of Schönebeck and its economic development, as well as being the basis of its character as a spa town. 

Germany?s oldest brine bath or saline spa (Solebad), which is located in Bad Salzelmen, has modern treatment and spa facilities in an old-world atmosphere, providing a broad spectrum of curative, wellness and leisure services offered via the Solepark.

In the guided tours of the town and tours with the night watchman you can find out all sorts of exciting facts about the history of the region and listen to stories connected with salt.

Salt history also comes to life at the Kunsthof in Bad Salzelmen; if you want to know more, there is plenty on offer in the district museum (Salzlandmuseum - external link).

Numerous traditional festivals and markets, concert series, exhibitions and cabaret evenings fill up the town?s calendar of events (Veranstaltungskalender >>).

A cultural highlight that attracts thousands of operetta fans from near and far every year is the Schönebeck Operetta Summer >> (Schönebecker Operettensommer) on the Bierer Berg.
This event, at which the Central German Chamber Philharmonic (Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie - external link) performs, is an unforgettable musical experience.

A wide variety of sporting activities is available in Schönebeck e.g. gliding, horse-riding, clay pigeon shooting, tennis, swimming, walking in the spa gardens...

A particular attraction for cyclists is the Elbe Cycle Route.
It combines physical activity in the fresh air with opportunities to visit places of cultural and historical interest along the river.  
It is possible to transfer from bike to canoe, so as to be able to explore the unique landscape of the Elbe meadows from the water.
Special features that are worth visiting on the route are the St. Thomas´s Church in Pretzien, which is on the "Romanesque Road" and where the Pretzien Music Summer >> (Pretziener Musiksommer), a festival of sacred and classical music that takes place every year, the Pretzien Weir (gate panel weir) and the Planets Trail along the Elbe Cycle Route between Ranies >> and Schönebeck.

The Plötzky >> - Pretzien >> lake district on the east bank of the Elbe is a wonderful place for nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and campers.
Numerous idyllic woodland lakes with a well-established tourist infrastructure are ideal for bathing, diving, hiking and enjoying nature.
Anglers get their money?s worth on the Alte Elbe.
That is where the beaver has his territory, which he shares with the kingfisher and other species.

There are also plenty of cosy restaurants and pubs >> for relaxing as well as nice places to stay >> for the night.

Those who enjoy hearty, substantial meals can set out on a voyage of culinary discovery in the region.  
Traditional dishes are still made, such as Schotenklump (a soup made of spare ribs and peas), Zwiebelklump (mutton and onion soup with dumplings) and Kirschklump (a sweet cherry pudding).
The crowning glory of cuisine from the Magdeburger Börde region ? and one which is recommended by gourmets ? is Pottsuse, a spread made of pork, dripping and spices, which you should definitely try. 

If you have any questions and/or remarks with regard to leisure and tourism in and around our town you can send them by email to: