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Friday, 10 Jul 2020
YOU ARE HERE: Home Leisure & Tourism Cycle Tours around Schönebeck
Cycling & Cycle Tours around Schönebeck

We recommend the cycle ride to Pechau (1), the lakes tour (2) and the cycle tour through the Börde region (3).
Further information can be found by clicking on the wished tour in the map below.

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For information see:

website: website:
Elbe Cycle Route (external link) Saale Cycle Route (external link)
Brochure Elbe Cycle Route 2013 (pdf-file, 16 MB)
Flyer Boerde-Hamster-Tour (pdf-file, 2 MB)
ERW_HB_2013 Flyer_Boerde_Hamster_Tour

ERW_HB_2013_PlanKleinBike along the Elbe Cycle Route in the region around Schönebeck.

Visit the mouth of the river Saale in the river Elbe at Barby, you reach downstream Schönebeck (Elbe) with the oldest brine health spa of Germany in Bad Salzelmen. Here you can stay on the Saline Island, visit the World Wheel - Factory, admire the Flower of Salt and take a trip with the passenger ship Marco Polo. Enjoy the Elbe wetlands, the Pretziener weir, the Roland spot Plötzky and the Church of St. Thomas at the Romantic Road in Pretzien. Further downstream, there are only a few pedal strokes to the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg, Ottotown.

Let us know what you think about the Elbe Cycle Route!
Restaurants along the Elbe Cycle Route in the Schönebeck District

Elbe Cycle Route - restrictions

The diversion route for the bike path locked till 2018 on the dike between Groß and Klein Roseburg is largely destroyed. Although a way was built with coarse gravel to Breitenhagen. It is recommended for cyclists. In addition, here is the disaster with heavy technology in use during the day. Between Groß Rosenburg and Breitenhagen to go just on the street. Barby to Groß Roseburg is mobile. However, the ferries in Roseburg and Breitenhagen are not in service. Currently Breitenhagen is therefore the end, the street and the ship are still under water. From and after Calbe (Saale) must therefore be driven on the west side of the hall on the road. Between Gottesgnaden and Trabitz the way is severely damaged.

In the area of Bernburg-Nienburg a diversion for cyclists on Latdorf is signposted. Reason is the construction site for the bridge B6n.

Further information about the Elbe Cycle Route in Saxony-Anhalt is available at:
Magdeburger Tourismusverband Elbe -Börde -Heide e.V.
Coordination Office for the Elbe Cycle Route in Saxony-Anhalt
Tel.: (03 91) 73 87 90
http://www.radtouren-sachsen-anhalt.de/ (external link)

If you have any questions and/or remarks with regard to the above-mentioned information you can send them by email to:

Cycle ride to Pechau

This tour begins at the Elbe bridge and takes you in the direction of Schönebeck- Grünewalde; directly beyond the Elbe bridge, the route branches off to the left on the Elbe embankment in the direction of Magdeburg-Rotehorn.
Follow the Elbe Cycle Route along the Elbe dyke in the direction of Magdeburg; on the left you will see the Apfelwerder farmstead.
After about 3 km leave the Elbe Cycle Route and follow the sign-posted loop to the village of Randau, where the church is well worth a visit.
Refreshments can be obtained at the restaurant "Alte Schule" (Tel.: 0391 / 561 57 15, closed on Mondays); it is also possible to visit the horse stables there.
On the way to Pechau you can take a sign-posted alternative route back to the Elbe Cycle Route; after about 2 km you will come to the turn-off that leads to Pechau (approx. 1.5km).
In Pechau you can rest at a lake and visit a windmill of the post mill type; going back to Schönebeck, the excellent cycle path alongside the district road takes you via Calenberge.

Total length: approx. 15 - 20 km depending on the route taken

The Lakes Tour

The Plötzky - Pretzien - Dannigkow recreation area, which is also known locally as ?East Elbia?, has a surface area of 15 square kilometres located within the Middle Elbe protected landscape area.
Numerous woodland lakes with emerald green water set in an idyllic environment are perfect for bathing, fishing, diving and relaxing.
Why not come and explore the beauties of this region by bike?
The tour begins at the Elbe bridge and takes you in the direction of Elbenau.
You ride about 350 m until you leave Grünewalde; at that point, on the right-hand side, there is a cycle path through the woods which leads to Elbenau.
From the sign marking the start of the village of Elbenau there is a high-standard cycle path running alongside the road leading to Plötzky.
You then follow the signposts for the Elbe Cycle Route towards Pretzien and continue along the main road into the lake district.
On the way back, follow the Elbe Cycle Route along the dyke via Pretzien, past St. Thomas?s Church and the Pretzien Weir, towards Ranies and then on to Schönebeck-Grünewalde.

Note: There are signposts to the Elbe Cycle Route.

Total length: approx. 30 km

Cycle tour through the Börde region 

We recommend tours on the cycle routes of the former Schönebeck district.
Further information available here. (external link)