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Friday, 25 Jun 2021
YOU ARE HERE: Home Sports

Kommunale Sportstätten (municipal sports facilities)

The Office for Culture and Sport administers the municipal sports and swimming facilities and supports and promotes local sports clubs. 
The municipal sports facilities include a number of high-level training centres which have brought forth sporting talents who have made Schönebeck (Elbe) well known beyond the boundaries of Saxony-Anhalt.  



harting2012Sports stadiums

Stadion SSC
Magdeburger Str. 174
Tel.: (03928) 81001
http://www.schoenebeckersc.de (external link)



Sportforum SSV 1861
Barbarastr. 22
Tel.: (03928) 400651
http://www.schönebeckersv1861.de/(external link)


Kurs0112Swimming pools

Indoor Swimming Pool with Sauna

Joh.- R.- Becher- Str. 71
Tel.: (03928) 729501



Municipal Open-air Pool
Barbarastr. 21a
Tel.: (03928) 400643
Opening hours: Summer vacations Saxony-Anhalt
with fun pool, slide, a 48 metre and a 50 metre swimming pool, kiosk

sports_hallSports halls

Sporthalle "Franz Vollbring"
Wilhelm-Hellge-Straße 73
Tel.: (03928) 80456
http://www.lok-schoenebeck.de/ (external link)


Sporthalle Frohse

Friedhofsweg 8a
club using the sports hall: 1. Shotokan-Karate-Do Verein e.V.
president: Herr Herrmann

Sporthalle Felgeleben
Schulstraße 13
club using the sports hall: SV Wacker 90 Felgeleben e.V.
president: Herr Schramm

Sporthalle Ballenstedter Straße 25 c
clubs using the sports hall: SSV 1861 e.V. and SSC e.V.

Sporthalle Pretzien
Große Sorge 2

Sporthalle BSZ
Magdeburger Str. 302
run by: Salzlandkreis

Sporthalle, Grundschule "Karl Liebknecht"
(sports hall of the primary school "Karl Liebknecht")

Pestalozzistr. 1

Sporthalle, Grundschule "Ludwig Schneider"
(sports hall of the primary school "Ludwig Schneider")

Kirchstr. 22

Sporthalle, Grundschule "Käthe Kollwitz"
(sports hall of the primary school "Käthe Kollwitz")

Jacobistr. 3 - 4

Sporthalle, Grund-und Sekundarschule "Am Lerchenfeld"
(sports hall of the primary and secondary school "Am Lerchenfeld")
Berliner Str. 8a

Sporthalle, Sekundarschule "Maxim Gorki"
(sports hall of the secondary school "Maxim Gorki")

Str. der Jugend 85

Sporthalle, Basisförderschule
(sports hall of the special needs school)

Tischlerstr. 11
run by: Salzlandkreis

Sporthalle, Dr.-Carl-Hermann-Gymnasium
(sports hall of the grammar school "Dr. Carl Hermann")

Am Malzmühlenfeld
run by: Salzlandkreis

Sporthalle, Dr.-Carl-Hermann-Gymnasium
Berliner Str. 8b
run by: Salzlandkreis
club using the sports hall: 1. Schönebecker Judoclub e.V.
http://www.judo-sbk.de (external link)
club using the sports hall: WSG Einheit e.V.
http://www.wsg-einheit.de (external link)


Tennis courts

Tennisanlage "TC" B/W
club using the tennis court: TC Blau-Weiß e.V.

Tennisanlage "SSC e.V."
Badepark 7
Tel.: (03928) 847064
club using the tennis court: SSC e.V., Abt. Tennis
http://www.schoenebeckersc.de (external link)
http://www.ssc-tennis.de (external link)


Boat houses on the blue ribbon of the Elbe

Bootshaus Segeln
Buschweg 3
club using the boat house: Yachtclub e.V., Sailing Section

Bootshaus Delphin
Buschweg 5
Tel.: (03928) 403061
club using the boat house: SSC e.V., Canoeing Section and Wassersportclub Delphin
http://www.ssc-kanu.de/ (external link)

Bootshaus Rudern
Buschweg 7
Tel.: (03928) 400513
club using the boat house: SSC e.V., Rowing Section
http://www.schoenebeckersc.de/ (external link)
http://ssc-rudern.wsydlik.de/(external link)

Bootshaus Frohse
Alt Frohse 25c
club using the boat house: SG Lokomotive, Canoeing Section


Sports grounds

Sportplatz Felgeleben
Am Anger 9
club using the sports grounds: SV Wacker 90 e.V.

Sportplatz P.-Illhardt-Str.
club using the sports grounds: WSG 10 e.V.
run by: Salzlandkreis

Sportplatz Frohse
club using the sports grounds: SG Lokomotive e.V., Abt. Fußball
run by: parish

Sportplatz Pretzien
Dornburger Straße 27
club using the sports grounds : SV "Blau-Weiß" Pretzien e.V.
president: Herr Stoyke

Sportplatz Plötzky
club using the sports ground: SV Eintracht 62 Plötzky e.V.
president: Herr Oschmann

Sportplatz Ranies
Am Sängerwäldchen 4
club using the sports grounds: cultural and sports society Ranies e.V.
president: Herr Kreitschi

Sportplatz Elbenau
club using the sports grounds: SV Elbenau e.V.
president: Herr Durawa


Other sports facilities

Reitsportanlage (riding grounds)
Edelmannstr. 22a
Tel.: (03928) 845861
with horse stables and riding grounds 
club using the riding grounds: SSC e.V., Abt. Pferdesport
http://www.schoenebeckersc.de (external link)

Reitsportanlagen und Reitplatz (riding grounds)
Magdeburger Str./Am Hummelberg
run by: local authority und private

Motorsportanlage (motor sport arena)
practice ground Hummelberg
club using the motor sport arena: Motorsportclub e.V. (externer Link)
http://www.mc-schoenebeck.de/ (external link)

Rollsportanlage/Skate Anlage (skating arena)
W.-Hellge-Str. 73

Bolzplatz (playing field) 
W.-Hellge-Str. 297/299



Private Sports facilities in the town of Stadt Schönebeck (Elbe)

Schießsportanlage (shooting grounds)
Am Hummelberg
club using the shooting grounds: Schützenverein Hubertus
http://sv-hubertus.de/ (external link)

Kegelbahn (bowling centre)

Kegelbahn - SSV 1861 e.V.
Barbarastr. 21

Friedrichstr. 104

LuckyFitness.de Magdeburg e.V.
Stadionstraße 19
Tel.: (03928) 78700

Sportstätte des Allgemeinen-Kampf-Sport e.V. (martial arts)
W.-Hellge-Str. 296 a

Fitness-Club Jutta Stietzel
P.-Illhardt-Str. 2b

Fitness-Studio Roman Roloff
Friedrichstr. 104

Fitness-Studio Raik Meißner
W.-Hellge-Str. 71

Reiterhof (riding grounds)

If you have any questions and/or remarks with regard to our municipal sports facilities you can send them by email to: