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Friday, 10 Jul 2020
YOU ARE HERE: Home Municipality The locality of Ranies
The locality of Ranies


Location and History

Elbe_meadow_landscapeRanies is located in the glacial valley of the Elbe between the Alte Elbe (Old Elbe) and the main course of the River Elbe. 
It is surrounded by unique Elbe meadows woods, lovely waterbodies and an almost completely unadulterated natural environment.
The locality of Ranies originated as a Slav settlement.
It was first mentioned in a document signed by Otto de Ranies in 1176.
Originally a village with fortifications, there is now nothing visible of the former manor house or the fortifications.
The St. Lucas´s Church dates from the 13th century.  
In 1466 Ranies became a customs office which was situated on the so-called "Thierberg" (Thier hill) and charged customs duty on the river Elbe in function of a locality of the Saxon electorate.
A lot of legends of this period have survived, so for instance the incident of Napoleon´s war against Prussia and Saxony.

In 1806, after the take-over of the Prussian city of Magdeburg, when French troops passed through the villages plundering them - the locality of Ranies situated right in the middle of the wood was spared.  
The clever people of Ranies had slaughtered all their cocks and locked up the dogs so that no crowing and no barking could betray the inhabitants.
And Napoleon´s troops marched past...



old_oak_treeTypical features of Ranies, as of many Elbe villages, are the four-sided courtyards, often with elaborate gateway arches, extensive gardens and trees growing close to the houses.

The area around Ranies is famous for its old oak trees. 

Particularly in the Sängerwäldchen woods or in the Elbe meadows there are solitary trees that are more than 300 years old.

This region is tailor-made for tourists to explore the surroundings walking, by bicycle or by boat.


planets_trailA special attraction that can well be recommended is the Planets Trail, which is part of the Elbe Cycle Route and leads on the dyke from Ranies in the direction of Schönebeck. 
There is a 5.96 km long trail that illustrates the dimensions of our solar system in terms of both size and distance.

Further places worth seeing in Ranies include the Sängerwäldchen woods and the above-mentioned St. Lucas´s Church.

The sense of tradition and local identity among the people of Ranies is given expression in numerous festivals; a particularly popular and well-known one is the Shrove Monday procession.
This cultural highlight for all friends of carnival has been held every year in February for more than 56 years. 

In Ranies there are two cosy restaurants and a pension which has been certified as `cyclist-friendly´ and fulfils the criteria laid down by the ADFC (German Cycling Association) for `cyclist-friendly´ accommodation.

A well-developed network of cycle paths connects Ranies with the localities of Plötzky and Pretzien, which are also part of the municipality of Schönebeck (Elbe), and provides ideal conditions for attractive leisure-time activities. 


Culture and Infrastructure 

In Ranies the following cultural and infrastructural facilities are available:

Shrove_Monday_ProcessionKultur-und Sportverein Ranies e.V. (cultural and sports society)
address: Dorfstr. 58, 39217 Schönebeck (Elbe) OT Ranies
tel.: +49(0)39200/51 949
sub-groups within the society:
- mixed choir
- Shrove Monday Club
- handball; women´s football; children´s football
- gymnastics; tennis; badminton
- senior citizens´s sports
- history of the village and the society

Ranies local office (Ortschaftsbüro Ranies)
address: Dorfstr. 1, 39217 Schönebeck (Elbe) OT Ranies
tel.: +49(0)39200/ 51 943 
fax: +49(0)39200/ 66 614
or via Citizens´Office of the town of Schönebeck (Elbe)
Tel.: +49(0)3928/ 710 611-613

opening hours:
Monday: 1 - 3 p.m.


day-care_centre_Knud_Sonnenscheinchild-care centre
"Knud Sonnenschein"
address: Dorfstr. 1, 39217 Schönebeck (Elbe) OT Ranies 
tel.: +49(0)39200/ 55 132
run by: Stadt Schönebeck (Elbe) 
email: E.Koeppe@schoenebeck-elbe.de    
number of places: 35
offer: crèche, kindergarten, after school centre

youth club
address: Dorfstr. 1, 39217 Schönebeck (Elbe) OT Ranies 
tel.: +49(0)39200/ 54 875
run by: Society "Rückenwind" 

restaurants and accommodation

      1. Gaststätte/Pension "Zur Tanne"
        address: Dorfstr. 62, 39217 Schönebeck (Elbe) OT Ranies
        tel.: +49(0)39200/ 51 652
      2. Gasthaus "Am Sängerwald"
        address: Am Sängerwäldchen 4, 39217 Schönebeck (Elbe) OT Raniestel.:
        +49(0)39200/ 78 777